First Steel Cut for Princess Cruises New Royal Class Ship

first_imgzoom Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri has held a steel cutting ceremony of the bow section of the fourth Royal class ship for cruise operator Princess Cruises, a brand of Carnival Corporation. The steel cutting ceremony was held at Fincantieri’s shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia on November 3, 2016.The newbuilding follows its sister ships Royal, Regal and Majestic Princess and is scheduled for delivery in 2019.The section of the newbuilding weighs about 10,500 tons and is over 130 meters long. It will be transported by sea and assembled to the rest of the unit under construction in the yard of Monfalcone, Fincantieri said.The new unit will have a gross tonnage of 145,000 tons and will be able to accommodate 4,250 passengers on board.The third Royal class vessel, the Majestic Princess, was launched in February 2016. Scheduled to be delivered in April 2017, the Majestic Princess is specifically designed and built for the Chinese market.last_img read more

One More Ship Detained in Singapore

first_imgzoom General cargo vessel Korex SPB No. 2 has been arrested in Singapore waters, according to data provided by Supreme Court of Singapore.The 15,000 dwt heavy lift vessel, owned by South Korea’s shipping company Korea Line Corporation, was arrested for undisclosed reasons on January 26, 2017.The ship, which flies the flag of South Korea, was taken into custody following instructions from local law company Resource Law LLC.Focal Investigation & Security Agency Pte Ltd has been appointed for security and investigation purposes related to the arrest.Built by China’s Samjin Shipbuilding Industries in 2012, Korex SPB No. 2 has a length of 152 meters and a width of 40 meters.Only a week ago, the supreme court’s records showed that another vessel, the 1997-built Ambassador owned by Cyprus-based Transland Bulk Carriers, was arrested.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

MHIMME Makes 80 LNG Carriers Low Sulfur Fuel Ready

first_imgzoom Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine (MHI-MME) has completed main boiler retrofit work on 80 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers which is said to enable these vessels to run safely on low sulfur fuel.International Maritime Organization (IMO) Maritime Environment Protection Committee decided on global sulfur cap for marine fuel to be enforced in 2020 at its 70th session in London in October 2016.According to the new regulation, sulfur content in marine fuel shall be reduced from 3.5% to 0.5%.In order to comply with the new regulation, oil companies develop their own brand fuels as Ultra Low Sulfur Heavy Fuel Oil (ULSHFO) which contain 0.5% of sulfur or below.However, the oil property of ULSHFO is very variable depending on its brand or supplier with no international standard, and that will cause unstable combustion of the burner, according to MMI-MHE.The Japanese company said that its technology of burner and control system developed for Low Sulfur Marine Gas Oil (LSMGO) for main boilers enables to burn the fuel in a wide range of viscosity.The company has already applied such technologies to auxiliary boilers for all new building vessels.last_img read more

KfW IPEXBank to Fund Dream Cruises New Ship Duo

first_imgzoomIllustration; Image Courtesy: Genting Cruise Lines Germany’s bank consortium KfW IPEX-Bank is looking to finance two cruise ships being built for Genting Hong Kong and its brand Dream Cruises.The Global Class I and II ships are currently under construction at the three shipyards of MV Werften located on the Baltic Coast in the German federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.The financing package comprises around EUR 2.6 billion (USD 2.88 billion) with a total investment volume of just under EUR 3.1 billion. The bank explained that the structure would be backed by export credit guarantees of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Finnish export credit agency Finnvera, as well as by a guarantee from the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.A substantial portion of the loan amount will be syndicated to more than 10 other German and international banks, besides the KfW IPEX-Bank consortium that includes BNP Paribas, Citibank, Crédit Agricole, Credit Suisse and DNB.“Due to unavailability of cruise ship slots in the next 10 years, we made a conscious decision to invest in MV Werften in order to build the ships we needed for our three cruise brands in a timely manner,” Tan Sri Lim, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Genting Hong Kong Ltd, said.With a capacity of up to 9,500 passengers and 2,500 crew, the Global Class ships are designed for the growing Asian cruise market. The ships are 204,000 gross tonnes each, with 2,500 cabins and 5,000 lower berths.The Global Class ships will be the largest cruise ships ever built in Germany and the world’s largest cruise ships in terms of passenger capacity. Delivery of the units is scheduled for early 2021 and early 2022.last_img read more

International Environment Delegation Learning from Practice

first_imgENVIRONMENT/LABOUR–International Environment Delegation Learningfrom Practice Delegates from across Canada and around the world are in NovaScotia to learn how to get manufacturers to accept responsibilityfor their products from beginning to end. Nova Scotia’s Environment and Labour Minister, Kerry Morash,welcomed delegates to the 3rd National Extended ProducerResponsibility (EPR) Workshop today, March 4. This year’s themeis Learning from Practice. “Nova Scotia is a world leader in recycling and composting and inthe year 2000 we were able to cut our waste disposed per capitain half. But that means we still have another 50 per cent to go,”said Mr. Morash. “To address the rest of our waste means we needindustries to take responsibility for their products after theyleave the store shelf, as is the case with Nova Scotia’ssuccessful Paint Recycling Program and the Canada-widerechargeable battery recycling initiative.” Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is a concept that requiresthe producers of products to accept responsibility for theirproducts throughout their entire life cycle. A goal of EPR is tohave manufacturers incorporate environmental improvements in thedesign of their products. Currently, there are dozens of EPRprograms across Canada. Many are mandatory but some arevoluntary. The benefits of EPR programs can be varied. Some programs helpmanufacturers improve the environmental performance of theirproducts. Others may lead to systemwide measures that helpincorporate waste resource management into the cost of a productor that result in more local processing of products and thereforemore jobs in a community. Mr. Morash told delegates that Nova Scotia is increasing effortsto develop an EPR program to address the growing problem ofelectronic wastes. During this workshop, Environment and Labourstaff will learn about successful EPR programs and how to adaptthat knowledge into their electronic waste reduction program. “I challenge all Nova Scotia organizations to adopt EPR programsand practices so we can further eliminate waste and protect ourenvironment,” said Mr. Morash. “But this is not solely agovernment concern. There are also successful examples ofindustries that are voluntarily using the EPR approach.” He said more than 300 manufacturers and marketers of the portablepower industry voluntarily established and fund the RechargeableBattery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). Through this program, theRBRC works with retailers, businesses and community recyclingprograms to set up convenient drop-off locations for thecollection and recycling of used rechargeable batteries. “The RBRC program is the result of our industry’s commitment toconserving natural resources and helping to prevent rechargeablebatteries from entering the solid waste stream,” said SusanAntler, Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s Canadianprogram co-ordinator. The Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour is co-hosting the two-day workshop with Environment Canada. ResourceRecovery Fund Board Nova Scotia is a key sponsor.last_img read more

Drivers Get Free Calls For Operation Christmas

first_imgTRANSPORTATION/PUBLIC WORKS–Drivers Get Free Calls For OperationChristmas Twenty-thousand Nova Scotia drivers will receive free phone cardsat roadside spot checks this holiday season. Police will hand out the 20-minute calling cards as part ofOperation Christmas, a joint effort by government, policedepartments, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) and Aliantto stop impaired driving and to make our highways safer. “Nova Scotians expect, and deserve, safe highways and streets,”said Premier John Hamm today, Dec. 2, at the launch of OperationChristmas. “They expect, and deserve, their fellow drivers tomake smart choices, to have that designated driver, to call thattaxi — to do whatever it takes to stop impaired driving.” Members from every law enforcement agency in the province set upcheckpoints in New Glasgow today to launch the annual campaign toreduce impaired driving during the holiday season. This has already been a tough year for traffic collisions and police, government and corporate sponsors want to reverse thattrend. Over the first 11 months of 2004 there have been 86fatalities on our roads; in 2003 there were 67 during the sameperiod. Alcohol is the leading contributing factor in fatalcollisions, followed by speed and inattention at the wheel. “This road safety initiative truly shows the value inpartnerships — together we achieve a common goal, providingawareness and education about the problems of drinking anddriving as well as enforcement,” said Const. Ken MacDonald onbehalf of the New Glasgow Police Service. The NSLC and Aliant are supplying the 20,000 free phone cards topolice to hand out to drivers at checkpoints during the holidays.The cards are meant to remind drivers who drink to find alternateways to get home. “Promoting intelligent consumption is a key mandate of the NSLC,”said Ken Barbet, president and CEO, NSLC. “Operation Christmasrepresents an important part of the NSLC’s holiday seasoncampaign to encourage Nova Scotians to plan ahead to get homesafe.” “We’re pleased to partner with organizations that are committed,as Aliant is, to making Nova Scotia a better, safer place to liveand work,” said Joan Penney, Aliant regional vice president NovaScotia and P.E.I., sales. Operation Christmas will wind down in early January 2005, butpolice are always on the lookout for impaired drivers. Nova Scotia’s road safety partners are working toward reachingbenchmarks set by Road Safety Vision 2010, a national plan toreduce the number of road users killed and seriously injured by2010. Nova Scotia’s road safety advisory committee helps governmentdevelop road safety priorities and programs. The committeeincludes members of non-profit organizations, government,industry, police and others.last_img read more

Lunenburg Marine Museum Society to Operate Bluenose II

first_imgTOURISM, CULTURE AND HERITAGE–Lunenburg Marine Museum Society toOperate Bluenose II The base of operations for the Bluenose II will remain inLunenburg thanks to an agreement-in-principle reached by theprovince and the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society. The locally based, non-profit society, which operates theFisheries Museum of the Atlantic, has agreed to work with theprovince to develop a formal contract for the operation ofBluenose II. “It was extremely important to the government of Nova Scotia tomake every effort to keep the operation of our sailing ambassadorin Lunenburg,” Rodney MacDonald, Minister of Tourism, Culture andHeritage said today, Feb. 4. “We are confident the LunenburgMarine Museum Society is more than capable of carrying out thistask.” Members of the society board are all from the Lunenburg area andrepresent a wide range of marine and business experience,including vessel maintenance, engineering, fabrication, retailand accounting. One of the board members is Captain WayneWalters, who served as Captain of the Bluenose II and is versedin all areas of the vessel’s operations. Mr. Walters is thegrandson of Captain Angus Walters, the captain of the originalBluenose. “It is clear to the board that the operation of the Bluenose IIwould be a perfect fit with our museum. The vessel’s activitieswould be governed by what is best for the vessel itself, the townof Lunenburg, the province, and the country,” said CaptainWalters. “We also believe it is most important to keep theoperation of the Bluenose II in Lunenburg.” The society intends to offer employment to the core group of thecurrent crew of the Bluenose II including its captain, engineer,two mates, and the cook. The Bluenose II Preservation Trust Society has been operating thevessel under contract with the province since 1998. Efforts todevelop a new contract with the trust have not been successful. “I want to thank the trust for operating the Bluenose II and weappreciate all of their efforts in maintaining the vessel duringtheir contract,” said Mr. MacDonald. That contract expires on March 31. Efforts now will concentrate on getting the Bluenose II ready forthe 2005 sailing season.last_img read more

Heavy Rainfall Warning Issued

first_imgThe provincial Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) advises Nova Scotians to take precautions due to the heavy rainfall warning issued by Environment Canada for today, May 21 and Sunday, May 22. A heavy rainfall warning has been issued for Annapolis, Colchester, Cumberland, Digby, Hants, Halifax, Kings, Lunenburg, Queens, Shelburne and Yarmouth counties. Environment Canada says that because this system is slow moving, it has the potential to bring rainfall amounts of up to 100 millimetres to some areas. This could result in local flooding. “We are monitoring the storm closely to ensure we have the most up-to-date information,” said Craig MacLaughlan, executive director of EMO. “One of the most important things individuals can do is listen for updated weather information or public safety bulletins and act accordingly.” Nova Scotians should take the following precautions in the event of flooding: set aside a supply of drinking water, in case your supply becomes contaminated disconnect eaves troughs that drain into sewer remove all chemicals from basement move furniture and personal belongings to a higher floor if your property is close to water, pile sandbags on shore put away lawn furniture, planters, picnic tables, small boats or anything that could be swept away in a flood In addition, everyone should have an emergency kit ready at all times. This kit should include a battery powered radio, food, water, clothing, blankets, medication, flashlight, extra batteries and a first aid kit. People are also encouraged to contact seniors and others they know who may be more vulnerable during storms to offer assistance and ensure they have an emergency plan in place. Nova Scotians can visit the EMO website at to obtain more information on emergency preparedness.last_img read more

Shoreline Protection Planned For Cape John Road

first_imgThe Cape John Road in Pictou County will soon be protected from seawater erosion. The province has tendered a contract to rebuild the wall that protects the road from the sea. Large armour rock will be placed to repair the seawall that protects the road. “Erosion along the Cape John Road is now to the edge of the shoulder and needs to be stopped,” said Ron Russell, Minister of Transportation and Public Works. “This project will protect the existing pavement.” The seawall tender will close on Friday, June 3. The Department of Transportation and Public Works’ highways division manages more than 23,000 kilometres of roads in Nova Scotia. It maintains 4,100 bridges and operates seven provincial ferries. Staff provide services from district offices in Bridgewater, Bedford, Truro and Sydney.last_img read more

Mining Communities Remember Fallen Workers

first_imgMining communities will pause Saturday, June 11, to remember miners who died on the job in this province. Miners’ Memorial Day began as Davis Day, in memory of Bill Davis, a striking Cape Breton coal miner who was killed in 1925 during a protest. The day has become a remembrance for all mine workers killed in Nova Scotia. “This is a day for pause and reflection in Nova Scotia. We must continue to recognize the tremendous sacrifices that were made by workers in the mining industry,” said Kerry Morash, Minister of Environment and Labour. “On this day, I call on everyone to intensify their health and safety practices and renew their commitment to reducing workplace injury and illness.” The 1925 protest occurred near New Waterford after the mining company cut off the water and electric supply during a long miners’ strike. Residents marched on the pumping station at Waterford Lake demanding that the utilities be restored. During a confrontation with armed company police, shots were fired and Davis was killed. Each year, the United Mine Workers union organizes events across the province. This year, ceremonies are being held in New Waterford, Springhill, Stellarton and River Hebert.last_img read more

Tenders Called for YarmouthDigby Paving Project

first_imgDrivers who use Trunk 1 between Yarmouth and Digby will be travelling on smoother, stronger pavement after the completion of a road-paving tender announced by the province. The Department of Transportation and Public Works called for tenders to repave Trunk 1 from the intersection of Darlings Lake Road in Yarmouth County for 12 kilometres east to Salmon River Bridge in Digby County. “This is a busy stretch of highway for drivers in western Nova Scotia,” said Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Transportation and Public Works. “I’m pleased to see the project on this season’s construction schedule.” The project is scheduled for completion this summer. The Department of Transportation and Public Works’ highways division manages more than 23,000 kilometres of roads in Nova Scotia. It maintains 4,100 bridges and operates seven provincial ferries. Staff provide services from district offices in Bridgewater, Bedford, Truro and Sydney.last_img read more

Traffic Advisory Pictou County

first_imgPICTOU COUNTY: Barneys River West Side Road Overpass Traffic on Barneys River West Side Road Overpass over Highway 104 will be reduced to one lane until Friday, June 29, to allow for repairs to the overpass. Traffic will be controlled by 24-hour traffic signals beginning Wednesday, June 6. Local Area Office: 902-752-6224 Fax: 902-755-7184 -30-last_img

Provinces and Territories Committed to Promoting Canadian Francophonie

first_imgProvincial and territorial Ministers responsible for the Canadian Francophonie are asking the federal government to develop a new plan on official languages and to renew the agreements on French-language services. Gathered in Halifax for the 12th Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie, the provincial and territorial ministers today, Sept. 12, expressed their desire to work together towards the development and implementation of the next plan on official languages. They also reiterated their commitment to quality French-language services, and proposed an approach for the negotiation of the French-language services agreements with the federal government. They also recognized the importance of community radio as a means of communication and tool for the development of the Canadian Francophonie. “The work done during the provincial and territorial meeting will ensure the necessary cooperation for the development of the next generation of agreements. The population is counting on quality French-language services, and it is our duty to ensure that it has access to such services,” said conference host, Chris d’Entremont, Nova Scotia Minister of Health and Minister of Acadian Affairs. “This level of partnership between governments has strengthened Canada’s Francophonie as well as its sense of identity and has resulted in an increase of French-language services across the country.” The Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie aims to build a stronger relationship between the federal, provincial and territorial governments in order to enhance French-language services for citizens and to strengthen the Canadian Francophonie.last_img read more

Nominee Program Legal Dispute Settled

first_imgThe province and Cornwallis Financial Corporation have resolved their legal dispute over the Nova Scotia Nominee Program. The out-of-court resolution will have the province retain more than $7.5 million in interest. Ownership of the interest was a significant component of the dispute. The funds are fees paid by applicants to the nominee program’s economic stream and do not include any taxpayer dollars. “This outcome is very positive for the province, as we can now concentrate fully on attracting and supporting immigrants in Nova Scotia,” said Immigration Minister Len Goucher. Cornwallis will receive the $1 million to which they are entitled under the terms of the contract, which the province ended on June 30, 2006. No damages will be paid. Between December 2002 and June 2006, Cornwallis was responsible for marketing the nominee program to potential immigrants, helping to prepare applicant files, recruiting Nova Scotia companies to provide mentorship services and matching them with economic stream applicants. On July 1, 2006, the province assumed full operational responsibility for the nominee program and stopped accepting applications for the program’s economic stream. Cornwallis filed four lawsuits against the province in November 2006, for defamation, breach of contract and two for financial compensation. In April 2008, Cornwallis consolidated the claims into one. Cornwallis and the province have both withdrawn their lawsuits.last_img read more

Workers Find Time Capsule on Demolition Site

first_imgNova Scotians could get a glimpse into life during the Second World War when the province holds a public opening of what appears to be a time capsule discovered last week at the former Queen Elizabeth High School site in Halifax. The sealed copper box, measuring about 9×11 inches and three inches deep, was discovered by workers disassembling the old high school. The box has no identifying markings on the exterior and was found in the back of building’s corner stone, which was placed in 1941. The province is asking those who graduated from Queen Elizabeth High School during the early 1940s or to contact officials at 902-424-0849 about taking part in the upcoming event. The public will also be invited to attend. “We’re hopeful the contents inside will illustrate what life was like in Nova Scotia in the early 1940s, an exciting and precious opportunity indeed,” said Bill Estabrooks, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, today, Aug. 23. “Whatever is in this box, we want to share the thrill of opening it with the people who are connected with the opening of the school, and people who lived in the area at the time.” Officials from the departments of Transportation and Infrastructure and Renewal, Education, and Communities, Culture and Heritage are co-ordinating the opening of the capsule and will provide further details when plans are finalized.last_img read more

Subventions accordées à des organismes communautaires pour la prévention du crime

first_imgLe gouvernement provincial investit 50 000 $ à l’appui des organismes de prévention du crime à l’échelle de la Nouvelle-Écosse afin de contribuer à la sécurité des familles et des communautés. Quarante-neuf organismes recevront du financement par l’entremise du programme de subventions ponctuelles pour la prévention et la réduction du crime dans les communautés. « Les partenariats communautaires sont essentiels pour faire en sorte que nos communautés soient des endroits sécuritaires où vivre et élever une famille, a dit Ross Landry, ministre de la Justice. Les interventions les plus efficaces en matière de prévention du crime ont lieu au niveau communautaire et de façons pratiques qui répondent aux besoins de communautés en particulier. » Cette année, les subventions varient de 1 000 $ à 1 500 $. L’organisme Burlington and District Citizens on Patrol, qui est actif depuis 2007, recevra du financement. « Le crime dans notre région a diminué de façon considérable, et la GRC nous dit que c’est un résultat direct de la participation des citoyens à ce programme », a dit Ivan Christianson, de l’organisme Burlington and District Citizens on Patrol. Une vaste gamme de programmes reçoivent de l’appui financier, y compris des projets de loisirs pour les jeunes, des projets de sensibilisation à la violence envers les aînés, des jardins communautaires et des projets dans les communautés des Premières nations. « Cette subvention nous aidera réellement. Nous voulons que nos aînés apprennent à se protéger et soient au courant des services d’aide qui sont à leur disposition », a dit Paul Melong, du 50 Plus Club de Havre Boucher. Pour voir la liste complète des récipiendaires et des projets, consultez le read more

Bill to Protect Health Safety of Nova Scotians Passes

first_imgThe province passed a bill today, July 5, to ensure Nova Scotians were not put at risk by a labour dispute. The fifth session of the 61st General Assembly rose after a special one-day session to introduce and pass Bill No. 86, the Ambulance Services Continuation (2013) Act. “Government’s role is to protect the health and safety of Nova Scotians,” said Labour and Advanced Education Minister Frank Corbett. “We take that responsibility seriously and the province passed a bill to prevent people from being put at risk by a labour dispute this weekend. There was no prospect of the employer, Emergency Medical Care Inc., and the union negotiating an agreement. With no emergency services offered by the union, legislation was necessary.” The act will lead to an agreement through binding arbitration, final offer selection, to ensure a fair solution for all parties. “This government supports the principles of collective bargaining and believes paramedics deserve a fair wage. But, our first priority is to protect the health and safety of Nova Scotians,” said Mr. Corbett. “We all value the vital and valuable work our paramedics do for their patients in communities across the province every day. That important work can continue now uninterrupted. “I want to thank the health care professionals and leaders who run our hospitals for their contingency efforts and offer a sincere thank you to Nova Scotians for their patience.”last_img read more

Upgraded Equipment Will Provide Better Care for Children Families

first_img FOR BROADCAST USE The province will contribute over a million dollars toward an upgrade for the IWK’s MRI scanner. Premier Darrell Dexter announced the funding today, (July 3rd) saying the upgrade will give the hospital’s MRI the capabilities of a new scanner. It means more detailed and faster scans for patients with cancer, brain tumours, joint or soft tissue problems. -30- Children who need an MRI scan for treatment of everything from brain tumours to bone marrow disease will get better care with an improved machine funded by the province. Premier Darrell Dexter announced today, July 3, the province will invest $1.1 million toward the cost of upgrading the IWK Health Centre’s existing magnetic resonance imaging scanner, commonly known as an MRI. “I can only imagine how stressful it would be for a family dealing with a seriously ill child,” said Premier Dexter. “Once this upgrade is complete, it will be like having a whole new MRI scanner. “Health-care teams at the IWK will be able to do more detailed scans faster, and serve more of their youngest and most vulnerable patients. These improvements will go a long way toward making an incredibly difficult time for families a little bit easier.” Last September, four-year-old Cody Campbell was rushed to the IWK’s emergency room. An MRI image showed he had medulloblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. After surgery and nine months of chemotherapy and radiation, Cody is now cancer-free. “Cody wouldn’t even be with us today if it weren’t for an MRI,” said his mother, Holly Redden. Cody will now have MRI scans every three months to confirm the cancer has not returned. “Before this, I didn’t even know what MRI scanners did,” Ms. Redden said. “Now I know how important it is for every child to have access to an MRI if they need one.” An MRI scanner is an essential tool used to produce images of young patients with cancer or brain injuries, as well as those with joint, bone or soft tissue problems. It is also used to produce images for women who are being treated by the IWK’s obstetrics, gynecology and breast health teams. The scanner at the IWK is 11 years old and handles about 600 exams a month. The total cost to upgrade the machine is just under $1.5 million. Thanks to the support of generous donors across the Maritimes, the IWK Foundation will contribute the remaining amount of just over $370,000. “This essential upgrade to our MRI scanner will greatly enhance our ability to serve the imaging and diagnostic needs of children, women and families,” said IWK chief radiologist Dr. Deborah Thompson. It is expected the upgrade will be complete by mid-August.last_img read more

School Review Public Consultations to Begin

first_imgConsultations on the school review process will begin in December and a slate of public meetings is planned for January. Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Karen Casey made the announcement today, Nov. 26, and released a discussion paper for the consultations. A consultations committee, headed by Robert Fowler, will gather input from the public, school advisory councils, school boards, the teachers’ union, municipalities and others. “School reviews have been challenging for families and communities. We want a full discussion on a solution that works for all — students, families, school boards and communities,” said Ms. Casey. Regional public meetings will be held in Amherst, Berwick, Bridgewater, Halifax Regional Municipality, Port Hawkesbury, Sydney, Truro and Yarmouth. The locations and dates are being finalized and will be announced in December. With 34 years of experience in the civil service, Mr. Fowler will bring leadership and extensive experience to the committee. He has been deputy minister to the premier, head of the Nova Scotia public service and clerk of the Executive Council, mayor of Bridgetown, and headed the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency. In 2011, he received the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service. Mr. Fowler and a local representative of the consultations committee will attend each meeting. The committee will provide input to develop recommendations. Mr. Fowler will also reconvene the discussion paper committee members to help. Recommendations will be given to Ms. Casey by Feb. 28. The consultations committee will begin by gathering input from interested groups in December. More information, the discussion paper and the schedule of meetings, can be found at . People can also make submissions through the website, e-mail or regular mail.last_img read more

Queens Counsel Appointments Announced

first_imgAn accomplished group of 14 lawyers are the latest to earn the Queen’s Counsel designation. Minister of Justice and Attorney General Lena Diab announced the Q.C. appointments today, Jan. 29. The appointees are: Gregory D. Auld, Halifax Tim Hill, Dartmouth Mark T. Knox, Halifax David T.R. Parker, Truro Elizabeth A. Whelton, Halifax Heidi Foshay Kimball, Wolfville Douglas J. Lloy, New Glasgow Denise C. Smith, Halifax Michael E. Deturbide, Halifax Réjean Aucoin, Cheticamp Robyn L. Elliott, Halifax Tony W. Mozvik, Sydney Christa M. Brothers, Halifax R. Lester Jesudason, Halifax “As a lawyer, I know how prestigious this designation is, and I congratulate this year’s appointees,” said Ms. Diab. “They have made great contributions to the practice of law and to their communities in Nova Scotia throughout their careers.” An independent advisory committee makes Queen’s Counsel recommendations to cabinet. Criteria include a minimum of 15 years as a member of the bar of Nova Scotia, demonstrated professional integrity, good character and outstanding contributions to the practice of law.last_img read more