first_imgLulzSec is having a busy few days. Earlier today we reported that the hacker group had managed to gain access to the porn website In the process, they grabbed over 25,000 user logins, 55 admin accounts, and a bunch of .mil and .gov logins. Now LulzSec is teasing another hack, and this time it’s a high-profile game server.The following LulzSec tweet gives us a big hint as to what the next information dump will be from the group:Brink is a first-person shooter developed by Splash Damage that combines a single-player game with multiplayer elements. Released on May 10th in the U.S., it relies on multiplayer because, as Alan said in his review, “Brink is best played as a multi-player game against other opponents.” That also means Brink needs servers running for those online match-ups to happen and logins to occur.If LulzSec has managed to hack that server it could mean a new round of user details being stolen and a headache for publisher Bethesda. We may not find out exactly what they managed to grab for a while though, as this further tweet appeared on the official LulzSec account shortly after the first hint tweet:For the moment, we have to assume that in the next 24 hours we could be seeing Brink user data appearing on the web, and possibly even Bethesda internal data too.If you are a Brink player, we’d suggest pre-empting this by updating your account password.via Twitterlast_img

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