first_imgBaby, it’s tough out there. Very tough.Even though we hear about an improving economy, there are still about three job seekers for every available job.Not only that, seven out of the 10 most common jobs pay less than $30,000 a year in most cases.Still, when I heard that Vancouver City Manager Eric Holmes was making only $30,000 a year, I honestly felt that was way too low. Frankly, it made me angry. So angry that I started writing this open letter to Mayor Tim Leavitt:“Dear Mr. Mayor, there is no way our city manager only should be making …” Oh, hold on a second. I’m getting some corrected info. The city manager is not making $30,000 a year? That $30,000 figure was actually his raise? Really?What the …More math to understandIf you’d like to look at it another way, that’s a 17 percent kick. Let that sink in. A 17 percent raise!Give the councilors some credit. They could have given Holmes a $31,000 raise, bringing him to $200,000 a year. But I suspect even they understood the $199,000 figure was not going to play well amongst us serfs, so there was no need to breach that 200 number.Maybe next year, right?Don’t get me wrong, I know Holmes. He’s not only a very good guy, but he’s very, very good at what he does. And I’d argue the city is lucky to have him around.last_img

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