first_imgIn Apple’s quest to make their hardware even slimmer, a new USB port design has shown up in patent application form that could either be really great or the worst idea ever.The Macbook Air ushered in a new era of thin profile laptops, with many manufacturers looking to replicate the thin-and-light experience in their own computers. These machines aren’t for everyone, but the popularity of incredibly thin computers today has been great for those who want them. It’s kind of hard to imagine these machines getting much smaller given the current needs of the average PC user, but a recently granted patent may paint a clearer picture of how that will work out in the next generation of Macbooks.USPTO 20130166786 describes a new input port that combines the SD card slot with the USB port. This port allows the bottom of the USB socket as we know it now and the top of the SD slot to occupy the same space, creating a larger looking port that can facilitate both items at the same time. For users that take advantage of the SD card slot on the Macbook on a regular basis, this seems like a pretty great idea that could absolutely lead to a thinner Macbook Air. On the other hand, if you’re not a regular SD card user this could be a USB port that gets broken in record time.With nothing on the bottom of the USB port to keep the plug in place or support the weight of the cable, all it would take is accidental downward force or extended use of heavy duty USB cables with nothing in the SD card slot to destroy that USB port. Apple could resolve this by including a plastic filler card like PC manufacturers used to do, or include an actual SD card with the Macbook, but even then the chances of damaging this port seem high. This patent is not a guarantee that Apple will be using these ports on future Macbooks, but it could certainly be troubling if they did. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Apple USB/SD slotApple USB/SD slotApple USB/SD slotApple USB/SD slotApple USB/SD slotApple USB/SD slotApple USB/SD slotApple USB/SD slotApple USB/SD slotlast_img

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