first_imgEver wanted to smell like your favorite video game character? Maybe the dusty scent of Nathan Drake or a dab of Lara Croft on your neck sounds like a great idea? Well Epic-Scents aims to make such a thing reality, if your favorite character is Mega Man.Perfume company Epic-Scents really is going to bottle the smell of Mega Man and Proto Man after signing a deal with Capcom. Don’t worry though, the perfume won’t make you smell like a sweaty robot man, instead Epic-Scents wants to create smells that expresses the characters’ personalities. So Mega Man’s perfume will smell like purity, bravery, and masculinity. These personality traits are transformed into a tropical breeze smell for purity, a musky smell for masculinity, and citrus for bravery. Mega Man’s scent is named “Cool Rush.” Proto Man’s perfume is called “Apple Cinnamon” and it’s spicier than Mega Man’s Cool Rush because Proto Man is a rebel.The idea is to create a nostalgia for video games when you smell these perfumes. At the moment, they’re being turned into air fresheners that will be decorated as cutouts of the characters. They’re cheap too at around $3 a piece, and they will hopefully be available in the next two to four weeks. If they’re a success — Epic-Scents hopes to move on to making colognes and perfumes (hopefully in Mega Man-shaped bottles).Air fresheners can smell a little overpowering and in some cases quite terrible, but hopefully these ones will fill you with retro joy. They’ll also look a lot better than those air fresheners that try to disguise themselves as rocks.Mega Man and Proto Man are odd choices to start this line with, though. Surely a Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine Resident Evil scent range would make more sense?It will certainly be interesting to see what Epic-Scents comes up with next, and which publishers agree to let their characters be given a smell.More at Polygon, via Eurogamerlast_img

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