first_imgSince Microsoft Kinect was released in November 2010, hacking the Xbox motion controller has become a popular pastime. We’ve seen hacks that turn it into a TV remote, that let you play Angry Birds without being tied down to your desktop, and hacks that turn you into a Japanese super hero. The latest hack isn’t the most groundbreaking, but it shows how you can put two pieces of technology together to create something new.The crew over at The Technology Studio used the OpenNI framework and the Kinect’s depth camera with Pufferfish’s Puffersphere spherical display to create a wandering eye that follows the subject in its path as it moves. And what other nerd would not think of transforming this normal-looking eye into the terrifying Eye of Sauron? Thank goodness that The Technology Studio had the geek balls to do so.To start with, the group had a week to play with the new Puffersphere. They decided to make a massive eyeball as their first project. To get an image onto the Puffersphere, you have to start with a panoramic image and use a polar distortion to get it into a form that the projector’s lens can display inside of the sphere.According to The Technology Studio’s Jonathan George, you have to get the image into a full-screen Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app, which can then be displayed on the sphere. The center of the image ends up on the top of the sphere and the edges converge on the bottom. So, to get the image on the sphere to rotate horizontally, you just need to apply a WPF rotate transform.The process for getting it up and running on a PC via the Kinect uses the OpenNI framework, which George said includes a user generator that uses the feed form the Kinect’s depth camera to detect individuals within the scene. Then, you can convert the real-world coordinates of the user into polar coordinates, and use the angle to rotate the eye. George offers his code so you can give this a shot yourself. You can run the code without the Puffersphere, but you do need a Kinect, of course.Check out the video of the Sauron version below. It literally gives me chills every time I watch it. Also below that is the video of the slightly-less-creepy version of the regular eye. Read more at The Technology Studio.last_img

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