(Updated)It’s not the homecoming the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were hoping for. The team is home one day after their disappointing loss at the Grey Cup in Vancouver.Players and coaches were greeted by a group of die-hard fans who showed up to support their team.It was a long trip for a team who thought they were champions for a moment, only to arrive here empty handed. And even though the players aren’t talking about it, it is clear that the greatest play that never was is still fresh in their minds.It’s a heroes welcome. Led by coach Kent Austin, the team was greeted by two dozen of their most loyal fans who hope to help the players recover from a devastating loss.Lineman Peter Dyakowski: “We feel like we’ve let everyone down, but you know for them to be here supporting us, I think it’s helping. A lot of guys feel really good about the season that was even though it’s gonna’ take a long time, 6 to 12 months, to get over this disappointment last night”It’s now being called the play that never was. With less than a minute left, Hamilton’s Brandon Banks appeared to have shocked Ticat fans and the Calgary Stampeders with a 90 yard touchdown, only to be called back by a clipping penalty that sealed their fate. As hard as Banks took the call then, tonight fans are still feeling the sting.Max bond: “I got that play on rewind still. But I don’t know, I just think, it was ahhhh.”Bruce, the 13th man: “It’s been an emotional rollercoaster man. Especially after that flag was thrown yesterday, everybody just went into hibernation I think for 12 hours”Laura MacMillan: “They did everything they could. Unfortunately what happened at the end of the game happened.”Having yet to speak to media, Brandon Banks slipped away from our cameras just as quickly as the Stampeders defense. Quarterback Zach Collaros took the time to greet a few fans before he moved on. Though the loss is tough to take, some players are now finding room to joke.Bryan Hall: (Has there been any chatter about that play at the end, the whole town is talking about it?) “I have no idea what play you’re talking about. Cause it never happened. So I don’t know. You gotta’ talk to coach on that one.”And coach Kent Austin and many of the other players who did not speak tonight will be there tomorrow when the team clears out their lockers.

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